Journaling in Notion FAQs

Journaling in Notion FAQs

Is Notion safe for journaling?

Yes! Notion is completely safe for journaling as your switch off the share to web settings, so that only you can access your journal fro your Notion account?

Is Notion good for journaling?

Yes! There are so many benefits of journaling in Notion:

  • You can sign in from anywhere
  • You can customise what it looks like compared to paper journals
  • It grows with you
  • It’s completely private
  • It’s coffee-stain proof!

Is Notion good for bullet journals?

Yes! Thanks to Notion’s building blocks, you can use Notion to build/design the same sections you would in a bullet journal

The Happiness Bar journal template is heavily-inspired by the aesthetics & functionality of bullet journals and provides an online journaling option for those who want to go paperless


Is Notion free?

The personal plan, which is suitable for most people, not using Notion for business, is free. There are a few restrictions on this plan though, such as a maximum number of guests


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