The Happiness Bar 
Ambassador Program

The Happiness Bar Ambassador Program

What's better than journaling alone?

Journaling with friends.

(and earning while you do!)

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Credits | Alejandra Ponce

It can be tempting to fall off the journal train...

Stay accountable and bring your squad with you✨

Already a fan of The Happiness Bar?

Help grow the community + earn for each member you invite

(you were going to tell them anyway + now they get a discount too!)

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Credit | Emma Matthews

💸 30% from each sale & get paid weekly!

✨ Referees get 10% off!

Great source of passive income if you're:

a) Passionate about the product and want your friends + family to join in with your gratitude journey

b) Looking for content in your tech/wellness/lifestyle blog or newsletter and want to make passive income through it

c) Building a following on social media and have a large percentage of followers interested in tech/wellness/lifestyle trends + communities

Limitless earning potential! Your journal would also create ongoing unique content your followers could engage with:



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