The Happiness Bar | A Digital Gratitude Journal Notion Template

A more personal bullet & gratitude journaling experience.

Notion bullet & gratitude journal template 2022 300+ downloads!

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Last year’s journal - new video coming soon!

Makes journaling convenient:

This gratitude/bullet journal template is built with Notion. A benefit of using Notion to journal is you can sign-in on desktop, mobile, tablet or browser. Ideal for nomads!

A paperless journal option:

Save some 🌲, , forget about the coffee stains/losing it/fitting it in your bag. Digital journals provide a hassle-free solution

Keeps you accountable:

Manifest your goals/resolutions in a letter you can send to yourself in a year using the vision board Notion template

Makes journaling intentional:

4x aesthetic pre-filled daily, weekly, monthly & quarterly planner templates that you can customise in Notion

Provides a holistic overview:

Tracks your mood, sleep, goals, habits, shows you’ve binged, memories & more

Provides community:

Unlock 70 + self-care tips from The Happiness Bar community & access the group

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» A more flexible journaling option - ideal for nomads!


» Reviews


» Speak your daydreams into existence

Forget New Year’s resolutions, manifestations are powerful.

What do you want for yourself this year?

Whether it's pushing a project, more 💤 or spending more time with your family.

Whatever it is, put it out into the universe by filling out your visualisation worksheet/vision board, which will remind you to check back in a year’s time



» A personal & more intentional journaling experience

There are 4 x pre-built templates with thoughtful prompts for a daily planner, weekly planner, monthly planner & quarterly planner. Each planner tracks your habits, mood, goals & thoughts.

Unlike other journals, using Notion to journal means you control the templates and can easily edit them with new prompts that match where you are, or even play around with the layout

Imagine the flexibility of an aesthetic paper bullet journal but in digital form!


» Decorate your journal with stickers

Do you miss covering your journal with stickers?

Make your Notion journal template even more aesthetic - customise your cover art, icons and journal pages with a library of hand-picked Notion-friendly GIFs



» Collects data on your sleep vs mood to see how they compare

Each time you log your hours of sleep & mood, it will add them to your stats board

Clearly see your progression of sleep vs mood per week, month & quarter and stay conscious about how sleeping affects your overall wellbeing

» Creates a time-capsule of your favourite moments/wins in your Memory Box

Keep track of your favourite memories

This gratitude & bullet journal tracks all your big wins ,every trip, movie & TV shows you've binged

Each time you journal, record your favourite memories, in your dedicated memory box, and they'll all appear on your homepage



» Create a personal safe space in your Happiness Station

Food for your mind, body & soul.

Everyone has bad days. Fill your Happiness Station with things that inspire you to turn them around.

Why not embed your favourite playlist?

» Daydream with no limits

A space for your wildest daydreams

Notion is a blank canvas where you can embed plain text, checkboxes, tables, pdfs, tables... it's up to you!

Just hit the magic '/' command if you're on desktop, or the '+'command if you're on mobile!

A page outside of your journal for all of your scribble
A page outside of your journal for all of your scribble

» Join The Happiness Bar community

As you journal with this Notion template, unlock self-care/wellness tips from members of The Happiness Bar community around the world.

Also gain access to a virtual community where you can meet and learn from other members of The Happiness Bar.

Open to submit your self-care tips for next year

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